Missional Mobilization

What does it mean to be Missional? “It means that we understand ourselves to be missionaries in today’s culture. Missionaries are those whose lives are constituted by a mission: To know Him and to make Him known-this is our purpose, our goal, and our end in life. An ongoing relationship with God should result in a lifestyle that is God-centered and seeks to incarnate Christ. How You can Become Missional! Accept the call of Christ to live out your life as a missionary amidst a culture that constantly tries to sell us a different purpose and a different vision in life. We are missional in that we desire to be the incarnate Christ immersed in the world without becoming a product of it. If we are going to be the incarnate Christ in today’s world, then our purpose, goal, and end in life will revolve around knowing God and making Him know.”-David Crowder

Jerusalem * Judea * Samaria * Ends of the World..

Becoming Missional churches,people,and an asscociation will play a vital role in reaching our community,state,continent,and the world for Christ.
The Missional Projects provided will give you an opportunity to make a lasting impact. Whether you are a single adult, a student,senior adult or married there is a ministry designed for you.
Please contact us if you have any questions about our ministries or would like to know about other opportunities to serve our community that may not be listed here.

Block Party Trailer Ministry

Welcome to Block Party Central Where The Church is moving outside of the “church walls” to SHARE JESUS!

What is a block Party?

It’s a community party for the community and the church. It’s non-threatening, it’s intimate, and it provides the local church an opportunity to move outside the four walls of the church and into the community to make a difference!

How can your church host a block party?

Your church will need to complete our block party training course with a group of leaders from your church. You will need to reserve the Block Party Trailer well in advance. Dates are limited due to the frequent use of the trailer.

Fees for the Block Party Trailer 1-3 days $150 4-7 days $250 More than 7 Days $300 SB churches outside the Association $250

Check with JCBA about insurance policies Appropriate paperwork will also need to be filled out For more information please contact Rena Register, MMC at 601-649-8441

Ministry Partnerships

Ministry Partnerships is one of many ministries of Jones County Baptist Association. Call us at 601-649-8114 to get more information about this and other ministries.

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief is one of many ministries of Jones County Baptist Association. Call us at 601-649-8114 to get more information about this and other ministries.

Adopt a Child/Family for The Shcool Year or Christmas

We have patnered with our local schools to identify children and families who have needs at Christmas. Information about the family and children can be found by calling our office

South Mississippi Fair Ministry

The dates for The South Mississippi Fair ministry for 2016 will be October 21-29. This past year we mobilized twenty of our local Southern Baptist Churches, utilized 800 volunteers.