Hurricane Harvey Relief

Collection Sites & Relief Funds:
Financial Donations can be sent to these locations -Jones County Baptist Association (206 S. 11th Ave Laurel) 601-649-8114 -FBC Ellisville (302 east holly st Ellisville) 601-477-3256 -Mississippi Baptist Convention Board (MBCB P.O. Box 530 Jackson, MS 39205. Make Checks Payable to the organization as they are listed above but make sure you enclose a note that says “Hurricane Relief”. 100% of your donation will go to hurricane relief efforts.
Collection Sites/Drop off Supplies Freedom Baptist (971 Freedom Rd Laurel) Drop off Times: 9am-5pm Daily 601-428-1955 Moselle Memorial (located on hwy 11 in Moselle) Drop off Times starting today @ noon-Sunday We will update hours as we know them 601-584-9905 Trinity Baptist Church (35 Trinity Rd Laurel) Drop off Times: Start today @ noon- Sept 7th Additional drop off times 7am-6pm daily 601-425-4276 Items that are being received: bottled water, diapers, antibacterial wipes deodorant, feminine products,tarps, baby formula, canned food, bleach, cleaning supplies, paper products, shampoo/conditioner, tooth paste, tooth brush, toilet paper. NO CLOTHING AT THIS TIME!